Wells Investments Review Is Wells Investments LTD SCAM Or REAL?


Wells Investments LTD unbiased review reveals that Nicholas Wells is making a highly deceptive offer that cannot be considered anything else but scam.

Wells Investments LTD a New SCAM REVIEW!!

The site under investigation today is Wells Investments Review. The developer behind this site is the alleged “Nicholas Wells”. Make no mistake in thinking that this software can be useful to day-traders. In our impartial review we shall reveal why we know that Wells Investments LTD is 100% Scam. It is a potential threat to binary options trading.

We are introduced to the software by the voice narration of Nicholas Wells. Under strict secrecy, he claims to have been working on this binary options software which he called Wells Investments Ltd for his namesake, for at least five years. http://binaryapp-810.co/wells-investments-review-is-wells-investments-ltd-scam

When we checked Who Wells Investments LTD Is for the registration of Wellsinvestments we discovered that this was registered a mere ten days ago. A very opportune time to think of registering a brand of five years, when you are about to market it to unsuspecting and innocent day traders!! Evidence of the registration is illustrated below. http://thedailyharrison.com/reviews/wells-investments-ltd-review-is-wells-investments-ltd-scam

Further research proves that a real company by the name of Wells Investments LTD Review, does exist but it is based in New Zealand and has been operating since 1968 with just 11 employees. Compare this to the claims of 284 employees boasted by Nicholas Wells for a company with a location in the United States

More Fabrications Exposed for Scam Site under investigation!

We have endeavoured to find evidence of the review on Wells Investments for the Wells Investments by Tanya Agrawal. It is nowhere to be found. Granted that Tanya Agrawal, is in fact a journalist for Wells Investments but evidence that she wrote a review titled “Wells Investments LTD. Secretly taking over Wall Street” cannot be found anywhere.

==> http://itdecs.com/reviews/wells-investments-review-is-wells-investments-software-scam

Any results from search on Is Wells Investments LTD SCAM only lead to Wells Fargo location and there is no available reviews on Well Investments or their secret software.

Who is Nicholas Wells of the Wells Investments LTD software?

A quick search on the notable business site LinkedIn reveals that the only credible business personality of noteworthy mention that goes by the name of Nicholas Wells is in fact an Energy Broker, who specialises in brokerage and trade execution for Renewable Energy and Environmental Markets spot and forward transaction for voluntary and compliance credits. There is no remote resemblance, nor is there any mention of the famous Wells Investments LTD. Binary options software. http://www.thedailyhastings.com/reviews/wells-investments-ltd-review-is-wells-investments-scam

http://wellsinvestmentsltd.com/ Is this yet another case of stolen identity? We leave our subscribers to arrive at their own conclusions on this matter.

Pressure Tactics are Scam Red Flag Warnings.

In our scam review, we continue to find evidence which points to foul play. Pressure tactics are classic moves to hasten traders into entering a subscription address. This may look harmless for an instant, but it ensures that the Binary Options Brokers will be on your case and calling you within a few minutes, once you give up your registration details. The count-down widget used for the Wells Investments LTD site is one such classic example of pressure tactic scam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbQTkd1jhco

Claims to Impossible Revenue. Another Scam Red Flag

Nicholas Wells claims that his HFT server generates 950,000 trades per day. With this Wells Investments LTD a trader can generate $879 profit PER HOUR!! We have to laugh out loud. This is insulting even to binary options traders with low experience. With a starting balance of $250 and a minimum trade value of $25, the account would be exhausted within exactly ten trades. Perhaps, Nicholas Wells is expecting his loyal followers to join with a starting balance of $38K? This would be the minimum balance required for the Wells Investment Ltd App to be able to take all the trades Wells Investments LTD claims to generate on a daily basis. The figures simply do not tally! We admit that sales pitches for any software system, even the very good ones, tend to amplify their success rate, and the number of trades taken per day, however, this is an outrageous claim, that makes the software invalid! Do not try this Auto-Trader if you wish to remain in possession of your capital. 2015 is a scam and it is dangerous. It has many fake elements. The statements made are erroneous and do not conform to data given. The articles and reviews being quoted as endorsements are not real. Truth be told, this is a dangerous scam.

>> http://wellsinvestmentsltd.com/wells-investments-ltd-review-is-wells-investments-scam

Conclusion and Verdict : Wells Investments LTD is SCAM

We believe that in this review, we have presented a case full of facts to expose Wells Investments LTD., for the scam it really is. Steer clear of this software, as you are in great risk of losing your trading capital.