Push Money APP Review is Push Money APP Software Scam or Legit?

Push Money APP Scam is some kind of 60 second scalping software, well at least that’s what we could extract from the presentation website. During our investigation, we found some suspicious facts, which we would like to discuss. We also find critical similarity with other scam, released during the 2015. We will make it clear and answer all the important question. Is Push Money APP A Scam or it’s capable of generating over $100,000 every month like all the alleged beta testers claim.

Push Money APP Review! All the deceptive facts you should know before taking your decision to use this investment app.

The alleged founders of Push Money APP Company and creators of the Push Money APP are presented by the names of Denis Moreland and Mike Callahan. The two co-founders are making few interesting statements that we found little unrealistic and we will debunk them but before that lets say few words about those 2 guys. We have checked Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter for any matches between the people form the video and those names. Unfortunately we fail to find any information about them or their Company Push Money settled in Portland, 1500 SW Broadway. Clearly such company does not exist and those people are starting to look to us like paid actors just playing their roles.

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According to the storyline in the promotion VODs, the first few beta testers all have made over $500k for the first six months, by simply using the auto trading function of Push Money APP. We really don’t know how this can be possible, because according to the who.is search the domain PushMoneyApp has been registered on 09.01.2016. Which automatically makes those money checks you can notice all over the videos fabricated! What comes to the actual members? Well we strongly think that they are also hired actors, since there is no real proof of their success anywhere. If 5 guys manage to make millions with binary options software, there will be many articles and success stories regarding their achievements on many industry blogs and forums, in their case there are none!

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We spent like 2 hours to watch all the VODs and we hardly tried to extract any information regarding the inside of the software, the indicators or algorithm on which it’s based. Yet again we fail, there is no information what so ever regarding the actual software. But they are not sparing on throw at us many fabricated screenshots, exotic locations, luxury mentions and expensive cars and toys. The page of Push Money APP Reviews, really stars to look very misleading, since it’s made in completely marketing way just to make you eager and push you into registration. Another bogus fact that we can add here is the way they have structured the website, if you try to leave it they will stop you 3 times, starting different kind of videos all involving “why you are leaving you will waste your chance to become millionaire”.Push Money APP Mike Callahan firstly claims that they are overloaded with traffic and hundreds of candidates to register, but they have only few free spots available and after that, they don’t let you leave their creepy website. Something is smelling very fishy here!

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Actually we have left the major red flag revealing the true face of Push Money APP for the end of this review. The video presentation starts how a camera guy enters house where Denis Moreland meets him. This house has already been used in already proven scam by the name of “Free Millionaire BIZ”. The presentation video of this old scam released in 2015 is already down, simply because the shady creators behind push money scam app don’t want anyone to see Push Money APP Binary Trading. But we know and many other industry blogs will support our words. The connection between those 2 scams in undeniable.

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Push Money SCAM Review! Final words.

Not a single statement made in Push Money APP Binary Options can be supported by credible sources. The fact that such company as Push Money does not exist and Google can’t find anything about the two co-founders is really disturbing. Well there are few searches that appear for them but they are simply connected with push money scam app only. Over-promising statements about scalping software that can make you millionaire over few months? This just sounds strange. Connection with previously exposed money stealing scheme, again disturbing! In matter of fact we think that the real creators behind this service are throwing crazy amounts of money for presentations, actors, rent cars and houses and probably our review will really piss them off but the PushMoneyApp team really feels obligated to WARN all people engaging with this software.