Phoenix Trading Program Reviews Is Phoenix Trading Software Scam Or Not?


Phoenix Trading was created for the purpose of “helping by teaching” forex and currency traders how to beat the odds in this cyber tech war using the power of price and volume analysis with the average true range stop. Make no mistake! This is financial warfare of the highest order where the retail traders are the underdogs. You see, retail traders are like pawns in a Chess Game of which the banks are always ten steps ahead of the over-whelming majority of traders from novice to experienced. But that ends today because today we make you a Chess Player of the TRADE!

Make no mistake, this Phoenix Trading System is a FINANCIAL WAR and you have been given no advantage! One could even say you have been sabotaged with the wrong information!

Banks prepare their battle plans, in advance, to ensure that when you enter this war, your strategy will fail. Banks make you believe you have a fighting chance and let you enter the battlefield with a stick, while they had land mines, tanks, and Phoenix Trading Software missiles strategically placed to drive you in the direction they want you to go that lead to your financial slaughter. Every contingency has been taken by them to stop you from making money on the battlefield, created by them, where they make the rules up as you go along. Oh yes, they have played you like a violin.

Don’t feel bad. Trading is a humbling experience for many but that ends today! This is where we turn the page and use their own technology and information against them by identifying what they are doing with our unique price and volume analysis indicators (combined with the average true range stop). It is your turn to take control of the trade. Once you understand banks strengths are also their greatest weaknesses you will have an epiphany or put another way you will “experience” the “AHA” moment. It will finally make sense to you.

Here is the problem the powers that be didn’t count on while playing their game of deceit:

Banks do not know YOU can rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and transform yourself from a broken Pawn into a Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King and finally the Chess Player of the trade. Phoenix Trading Program Your transformation with us will be a glorious awakening because you will discover that at each level of training we paint a million dollar picture of knowledge, which fills in the holes in your trading for both the Forex, Currency and Commodities markets.

Our objective is to share with you the type of technology and knowledge that market makers use to make their decisions, Phoenix Trading Scam before driving a specific commodity or currency in their favor. You will finally achieve what very few ever do and that is becoming a part of the VIP List to which a very few belong.

Don’t be misled any further by educators that do not understand the institutional mindset because they themselves have never worked in the industry or know the protocols that market makers follow. Here at Phoenix Trading Reviews you will be trained and educated by one of the most knowledgeable commodities and forex brokers who advised thousands of clients at his peak because he understood what retail traders were seeking as well as (CTA’s) Commodity Trading Advisors, Proprietary Desk (Institutional) Traders and software developers. You see they were all seeking someone with technological solutions and market insight that no one else out there had or could provide.

This is what he specialized in, especially when he was the one of the very first to pioneer the first (ECN) Electronic Communications Network available to retail traders. Yes, you have an insider that would have bank feeds created to suit professional traders that were managing millions of dollars and it is all revealed using his price and volume analysis indicator with the average true range stop!

Why haven’t you been able to succeed?

Let’s talk about why you have not been able to succeed or why you have had such a hard time understanding these markets. It’s very simple.

⇒ You have been taught the wrong way to look at these markets because you have been looking at the wrong information.
⇒ You have been taught to use old outdated technology; old indicators that don’t work in this Phoenix Trading technological war that has been declared by the financial industry against you, the retail trader. Oh yes, there have been billions of dollars that banks have invested in software divisions and financial engineers to counter program common indicators and strategies like Elliot Wave etc.
You see, in kind words, they threw the Kitchen Sink at you and you didn’t even know what hit you. Sad to say you were served on a silver platter to the sharks. Just remember there is a fire inside all of you that is burning to seek out the truth but only in the fire of failure and pain can you be forged into traders and discover the truth from the lie. Be assured that you will rise renewed here at Phoenix Trading Strategies.

Why will you improve your odds and become better traders?

I will let you in on a little secret. There have been quite a few mistakes these banks and financial engineers have made. They have been unable to counter program a few things and these are the PhoenixTradingProgram Software things that will be revealed to you, these are the things that will eliminate the fear you have of trading but instead help you to trade with confidence. You see they have counter programmed against simple indicators like Moving Averages, Candle Sticks, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Elliot Wave, Fractals, Inchimuko Cloud, Bollinger Bands, Momentum, CCI the list goes on and on.

But they have not been able to counter program against their own volume because every order must be recorded and reported to the dealers , but if you are asking how do you make sense of that. We have created algorithms that can synthetically calculate sentiment, Phoenix Trading Binary Options volatility (using the average true range stop) and volume (based on price volume analysis) where the market makers will drive their liquidity too. You see trading has evolved in a war of information between the banks themselves and the nations that allow their commodities and currencies to be traded in the open market.

Government Policy can impact how the market makers will react and drive the market but you have never been first in line and have always been the last to know. If you are tired of being the last to know and want to be the first in line to know with plenty of time before they drive their liquidity and volume into a certain commodity or currency. Then you need to sign up for one of our free webinars and learn the truth about currency portfolio rebalancing and how this theory can take you to the promise land.

We talk a good game yet more importantly we show you proof in live and real time. We put our theory and technology to the test, right before your very eyes.