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Secret Millionaires Club is one big lame poorly made scam. According to the presenter within the first 6 months you will generate over one million, and the only thing you need to do is simply use the secret millionaires club reviews app. We speak for binary options auto trading software but we don’t know on what algorithm or indicators this service is based because, no one displayed such information on the promotion page of secret millionaire club scam.

Normally if it was serious offer, and there were serious people behind this application, they won’t call it “Secret Millionaires Club Software” it’s just too lame and obvious fraud. During our research we find a lot of misleading information and fabricated screenshots.

The story behind secret millionaire club scam!

We have really dumb and unbelievable story behind this app. According to the alleged presenter Steve, he was miraculously accepted in this secret millionaire club scam before 6 months and now he want to give this chance to 30 more people for free! In short words this service will make you millionaire for free in just 6 months! All you need to do is invest $250 USD with the synced broker you will find inside. Are you really going to believe in this nonsenses? >>

Secret Millionaires Club 2016 has many personalities involved Steven, Mark and Alex but no one of them is real! Steven the presenter is just a phony identity, like the rest of the names involved with this bogus software. Mark and Alex the associate creators are also seem to be phony. You wonder why they are displaying only their first names? Simply because if they give us all their names we can simply investigate and find out if they have any kind of connection with binary options or with trading industry overall. In this case we have only few fake identities attached to photos stolen from the web.

Besides the many gramma mistakes we have noticed something very interesting during the secret millionaires club binary options presentation of secret millionaire club scam. Steve our fake actor show us some fabricated screenshots. He started account with initial investment of $200 in 3 trades his account appeared to be rising to total of $4200, which is completely impossible. The Secret Millionaires Club System return rate in binary options averages around 75%-80%, meaning that if you invest $200 you`ll get $160 as profit = $360 then if you invest all your budget of $360 you will get $288 to total of $648, the possible next profit investing the whole amount again is $518.40, which can bring the total budget to $1166.40. Medallion APP Software This sum of money appear to be very far form $4200. Of course normally you need to invest only 5% of your account, you don’t want to gable with all of your investment, this is just absurd. Apparently the shady people behind secret millionaire club scam are really retarded and they have no idea of how binary options trading work.

Probably you are already convinced that Medallion App Software Review is very poor scheme but we just want to add something more to our scam review. The testimonials, which can be noticed all around the page are also fake, with Medallion APP simple Google search we find out that those images are used all around the web with different names on different sites, another obvious misleading fact.

Secret Millionaire Club Scam! The Conclusion!

Pathetic, very poorly made money stealing scheme. Normally you will want to stay away from such bogus names containing the word “millionaire”, 100% of them are scams, no exceptions! There’s Medallion APP no intelligent information inside, which can be confirmed in any way in order to bring any kind of authority to this service. Nonexistent personalities and false credentials, that’s the only truth we witness with secret millionaire club scam.

Verdict: Secret Millionaire Club is a scam! Avoid this suspicions offer!

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Newcomers to Medallion APP Binary Options are advised to start with free demo account. Be safe, and take your time before you invest real money. For decent alternatives to secret millionaires club you can check out our trusted BO service. Just keep in mind that you can’t become millionaire with Medallion APP Scam them overnight, it will require time and effort like every normal thing in life!


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