Star Wars Binary Bot Reviews Is Star Wars Binary Bot Software Scam Or Real?

It looks like something out of this world, but is Star Wars Binary Bot a Scam ? We have review this trading software and can reveal that it really is a fake system. We have found plenty of evidence to prove that Star Wars Binary Bot App is not to be trusted and we can show you proof that the extravagant claims made about this free trading software are simply not true.We do not want anyone to lose money by linking the StarWarsBinaryBot APP Software to a trading account they have funded through the website. In this Star Wars Binary Bot review we shall explain in full why it is not a good idea to do this.

What is the Star Wars Binary Bot and Who Created it?

The Star Wars Binary Bot System has been developed by Allen Vader (as in Darth Vader!) who claims to be the best trader in the world. He is apparently making millions of dollars from a trading system that involves what he calls the “parallel universe” of liquidity. This refers to a private network known as the Dark Pool, also known as the Black Pool. It’s a private network and it allows individual traders to enter high volume trades that are normally only open to institutions.

The fully automated trading software generates Star Wars Binary Bot signals and processes your binary options trades. The scam trading app is entirely web based and does not require any software downloads. They says that works on tablets and smart phones as well as on laptops and desktop computers.The free Star Wars Binary Bot signals predict the outcomes for binary options trades. They are based on analysis of the Dark Pool and you can receive anything between 33 and 97 signals daily. These are supposed to be the same trades that Allen Vader is making and, when you follow his trades, it is claimed that you can turn $250 into $67,000 within a few days.

Why Star Wars Binary Bot App Is a Scam ; Real Facts Exposed !!

You reserve a free copy of the Star Wars Binary Bot App by entering your name and email address on the website and then you are directed to the members’ page where you will find a number of binary options brokers listed.You are expected to open and fund your own trading account with a minimum deposit of $250. You could be encouraged to deposit more to take advantage of a free bonus offer.You then download the software and connect the Star Wars Binary Bot App with your trading account.

More Red Flags with Star Wars Binary Bot System Reviewed

Our investigations for this review revealed a number of red flags which strongly indicate that Star Wars Binary Bot Software Method is a scam. In this part of our review we set out all our evidence to show that a lot of important trading information about Star Wars Binary Bot system has been kept hidden. We also found false statistics on the website.We have searched for information about the so called “best trader in the world” Allen Vader. In the introductory Star Wars Binary Bot video he is said to be a professional investor who previously worked for companies such as J. P. Morgan and Citibank. He does not include any check able details of his career and, if he was a real person, we would expect to have found more about such a successful trader.

He claims to have asked several friends to test out his trading formula and says that, like him, they made tens of millions in the first year. In researching for this review, we could find no evidence of this. His name would be out there if it was not a scam. Those friends would at least want to give a testimonial about the system behind the Star Wars Binary Bot method. There are no personal endorsements from traders to be found online.In the introductory video the trader is voiced by an actor using a robotic voice in the style of Darth Vader, combined with flashy intergalactic animations. He explains that rather than open an office in Manhattan, he has decided to create a website for the Star Wars Binary Bot and to give it away for free so that he can create an army of clones, which will make the system even more accurate. ➨

We discovered several inconsistencies in the claims made about the Star Wars Binary Bot Reviews. We question the statement that the more people who use it, the more accurate it will be, because there can be no proven basis for making such a claim. In the video it is stated that Star Wars Binary Bot signals are 86% accurate, but on the website it is clearly shown as being 99% accurate.It appears that statistics have been faked to promote this scam, such as the number of members and the total profits of $123,456,835.45. How could anyone believe a figure starting 123456! Where are those thousands of members! Why did we find no posts from any of them, when we searched online for this review!

Another misleading point made on the Star Wars Binary Bot website is that the trading software is risk free. Any novice trader who deposits $250 in a trading account linked to the Star Wars Binary Bot Binary Options scam is taking a big risk.There are are no actual trading results, no testimonials and no proof that the system performs as promised. It is typical of a scam to quote dazzling amounts of profit without showing any evidence or giving any verified trading results.


It should be obvious from this Star Wars Binary Bot Scam that the flashy animation and the use of a Darth Vader-like character are meant to appeal to movie fans who know nothing about binary options trading. There is no valid information and nothing that is stated in the video can be verified, from the mysterious Allen Vader (the best trader in the world!) to figures quoted as being achievable within days.The conclusion of our review is that the Star Wars Binary Bot scam is deliberately misleading. There is no evidence of anyone having made tens of millions from the system and there is nothing believable about this binary bot fantasy.

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